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About us

[Brief History]

Our department was originated from the faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in the then Taiwan Provincial Hsinchu Teachers College before 1987. In 1991, the college was renamed as National Hsinchu Teachers College and the department was a part of undergraduate and graduate programs of Mathematics and Science Education Department. In 2005, the college was expended to and called National Hsinchu University of Education in which our department was renamed as Department of Applied Mathematics with both undergraduate and graduate programs. From 2009, our department is no longer offering courses that lead to educational degrees. Our students nevertheless can still take educational courses from other departments or interdisciplinary education programs. Our courses now provide fundamental skills to our students in their future careers in the fields of Science, Engineering, Education, or Finance.


Based on the objectives of the university in preparing students with professional practice, innovative thinking, communication and cooperation, responsible care, lifelong learning, and leadership, our department cultivates future talents and leaders in academia and industry with a rigorous and diverse training in Mathematics.

[Distinguished Features]

Our department consists of 10 faculty, 30 graduate students, and 160 undergraduates. Faculty members, all with PhD degrees, are specialized in Numerical Analysis, Differential Equations, Mathematical Analysis, or Statistics. We offer a variety of courses in applied mathematics from Calculus, Advanced Calculus, C++ Programming, Linear Algebra, Numerical Methods, Differential Equations, Probability, Statistics, Discrete Math, to Scientific Computing. We are one of most active research departments in mathematics in Taiwan with abundant grants from Ministry of Science and Technology (previously known as National Council of Science) or from Ministry of Education. Almost all graduate students are funded with Teaching or Research Assistantship. We encourage undergraduates to pursue both BS and MS Degrees in 5 years as the undergraduate program is effectively correlated with the graduate program.